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1) The Brecht Yearbook / Das Brecht-Jahrbuch 43 (2018) was published in October 2018. See the table of contents here.

2) An additional volume (38 / 2013) has been added to the digital Brecht Yearbook with free access and searchability.

Communications from the IBS

The IBS journal has shifted from a print publication to a freely accessible online journal / blog, updated about every 4-5 months!

Das Brecht-Archiv / The Brecht Archive (Berlin)

Check the new website of the Brecht Archive at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin:

Here you can also get access to the library holdings of the Brecht-Archive (OPAC) as well as the archival holdings (Archivdatenbank):

New Brecht books 

Lydia White, Theater des Exils: Bertolt Brechts Der Messingkauf (Stuttgart: Metzler, 2019).

Bertolt Brecht, Refugee Conversations. Trans. by Romy Fursland (London: Bloomsbury Methuen, 2019).

Norman Roessler and Anthony Squiers, eds., Philosophizing Brecht - Critical Readings on Art, Consciousness, Social Theory and Performance (Brill / Rodopi, 2019).

Brecht and the Writer's Workshop: Fatzer and Other Dramatic Projects. Ed. by Tom Kuhn and Charlotte Ryland (London: Bloomsbury Methuen, 2019).

Bertolt Brecht, Notizbücher - Band 4: 1921-1923 (Berlin: Suhrkamp, 2019).

The Collected Poems of Bertolt Brecht. Ed. and trans. by David Constantine and Tom Kuhn (London and New York: Norton, 2018).

Ernst Josef Aufricht, And the Shark, He Has Teeth: A Theatre Producer's Notes. Trans. by Ben Block, intro. by Marc Silberman (Rochester, NY: Camden House, 2018).

David Zoob, Brecht: A Practical Handbook (London: Nick Hern Books, 2018).

Ela Gezen, Brecht, Turkish Theater, and Turkish-German Literatur: Reception, Adaptation, and Innovation after 1960 (Rochester, NY: Camden House, 2018).

Jost Hermand, Die Aufhaltsame Wirkungslosigkeit eines Klassikers: Brecht Studien (Berlin: Verlag Theater der Zeit, 2018.

Angelos Koutsourakis, Rethinking Brechtian Film Theory and Cinema (Edinburgh University Press, 2018).

Questions about performance rights of Brecht's plays should be directed to the German Brecht publisher, Suhrkamp Verlag:

For English-language performance rights, here.

Drama Online is a subscription portal for Internet access to the works of major playwrights, including Bertolt Brecht in English translation.  For information, see:
and search for "Brecht"

Brecht's Works in English: A Bibliography
Check this new website with over 2900 entries if you want to know whether there is an English version of Brecht's plays, poems, songs, stories, or essays:

The digital Brecht Yearbook, vols. 1-38 (1971-2013) / Das Brecht-Jahrbuch digital, Bd. 1-38 (1971-2013)

Financial support worldwide to not-for-profit organizations for performances of musical works by Kurt Weill and Marc Blitzstein, to individuals and not-for-profit organizations for scholarly research pertaining to Kurt Weill, Lotte Lenya, and Marc Blitzstein, and to not-for-profit organizations for relevant educational initiatives. For more information, see:



The IBS will sponsor a panel at the annual conference of Modern Language Association in Seattle (Washington), 9-12 January 2020. Session #174, 9 Jan., 7:00-8:15 pm, 619 Convention Center. CfP: Brecht as Data Set

IBS Election

Every two years elections for the steering committee of the International Brecht Society take place. The nominees for 2018 and 2019 have been elected. The next election takes place in November 2019.

Alle zwei Jahre findet die Wahl des Vorstands der Internationalen Brecht-Gesellschaft statt. Die Kandidatenliste für 2018 und 2019 wurde gewählt. Die nächste Wahl findet im November 2019 statt.

President: Stephen Brockmann (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Vice President: Günther Heeg (Universität Leipzig, BRD) 
Co-editors of 'Communications': Jack Davis (Truman State University, Kirksville, Missouri) and Kristopher Imbrigotta (University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington) 
Secretary/Treasurer: Sylvia Fischer (Berlin, BRD)

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